Virtual VP

High level strategy, clarity & coaching to make your business remarkable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop competing on price, build a respected brand and know exactly what tools and tactics will help you best achieve your business goals without blowing your budget?

Imagine having a seasoned VP of Branding & Marketing for your business who knows the events industry inside and out. 

Well, now you can stop imagining.

As your Virtual VP, I’ll meet with you and your team to understand your business, it’s challenges and the opportunities. From there I dive right in to market, employee and customer research to get a holistic view of your company. Based on my learnings I’ll create your Brand Positioning Strategy and Marketing Strategy – focused solely on achieving your goals. Then I help you execute your plans and provide ongoing training & guidance to your team. 


In essence…


There are 9 stages to this process.

  • Kick off meeting: our first meeting to help me get to know you, your team, your goals and your challenges achieving them
  • Market research: I will review your competitors as well as spend time where your target market lives so I can understand the customer and competitive landscape.
  • Customer insights: I will call existing, past and lapsed customers to understand why they chose you, why they didn’t and what they can get elsewhere.
  • Employee feedback: If necessary, I’ll survey employees to get their impressions and insights about the company.
  • Brand positioning strategy: A concise document that outlines how your brand is positioned in the market and why your target customers should choose you and not the plethora of other choices they have.
  • Marketing plan: A thorough plan outlining what strategies, tools and tactics we’ll use to help you reach your annual business goals within your budget.
  • Ongoing execution: I will help you bring the plan to life – this could include: website design, copywriting, blogging, social media updates, SEO / SEM, email marketing, etc.
  • Measurement: To ensure we’re progressively working towards your goals, I will be measuring and tracking our initiatives and recommending shifts (if required) along the way.
  • Training & Education: Depending on the needs of the team, I’m also vested in making sure your team can run with everything once our retainer is up. This includes skills training and ongoing education / coaching.



Minimum Investment – $4,000 / month

Limited to 4 customers per year. Minimum 6 month retainer.