Periscope #swiftshift: How to build a sustainable business with only 2-4 Clients & Part Time Hours

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As a female entrepreneur, have you been struggling to keep up with your business?

If you answered “yes”, you’re not alone.

We’ve been chatting a lot about this issue in the Start Some Shift group with other women coaches, consultants and strategists.

Earlier this week, I asked for all the questions our members could think of that are relevant to building a lifestyle business.

One member asked…

‘How do you build a sustainable business when you only work with 2-4 clients?’

A great question and one that I answer in this Periscope video





I spent about 15 years of my life working with Fortune 500s in branding and advertising agencies. I put in insane hours, working weekends, hopping on and off of planes – supremely dedicated to growing my career, addicted to the hustle of it all…

I was rising in rank but when I looked around, I soon realized that I couldn’t enjoy the fruits of my labours (I was too busy, stressed and exhausted).

So when I started my business, I knew that I just flat out didn’t want to do that anymore.

I wanted to create a true lifestyle business, one that would afford me the time to do what I loved, have the time to enjoy life while still earning the same amount of money I did in my previous agency-side life.

I strove for fulfillment and have created a business model that sustains my love for life first and allows me to do great work for my clients.


In this Periscope #switftshift episode you’ll learn:

• What my retainer model looks like

• What the benefits of a retainer model are over a high volume, hourly-based model

• How it helps me work with better customers and produce much better work

• Why I spend virtually zero time on business administration tasks (like billing and marketing)

• How I can be co-operative, not competitive with other people who do exactly what I do