Dear female entrepreneur,


Many of us are sacrificing the very thing we created our business for in the first place…
Our lifestyle.

We have been force fed a diet of lies.

We’ve been seduced into believing that success is “having it all”.
Told that we must be an empire builder, a master of multitasking, a Stepford wife, conquer the perfect back arch when in cow pose, be the kind of Mom other Moms look up to and become the embodiment of all of our Pinterest dreams…all while expertly achieving life balance and a zenned-out feeling of alignment.

The experts tell us that in order to earn our entrepreneurial superheroine cape we must hustle. Shift our business into overdrive, work hard, work late, work while the minions are lazily snoring in their beds, embraced by their fluffy down duvets.

But for what purpose and at what cost?

In the quest for success and the hunt for the hustle, we are climbing a ladder with no end.
Every time we push through and reach for what feels like the top rung, another rung appears…and another…and another. Because, my friend, there is no finite definition of success.

In our manufactured world of ultra-shepreneurialism, we can always be a little more famous, make more money or lose just 5 more pounds. Success, or the clamour for it, becomes an addiction. Just one more email, one more facebook post, one more proposal, one more phone call and then I’ll be done.

We are losing our ability to be present.
We don’t have the energy to invest in relationships.
We forget to eat.
We are spending less time with our children.
We lose ourselves.
We become unhappy with the outcome of our burgeoning success.
We feel like a failure.
We feel like we aren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs.

The remedy? We just have to work harder to find balance, right?


See the conundrum? If you started your business to achieve a certain lifestyle, why would you sacrifice that lifestyle for your business?

Dear female entrepreneur,
If the business you created doesn’t support the life you want, rethink your model.
Relieve yourself of ‘having it all’. Focus on what’s most important to you and give yourself permission to let go of everything else.
Slow down. You created your business to enjoy life, not to become a slave to it.
Go after your dreams, but not at the expense of your dreams.
And, for goodness sake, don’t embrace the hustle…boycott it.